Artificial Grass - We are a LOCAL Ottawa Installer of synthetic lawns . Our artificial grass is pet-friendly, eco-friendly and built to last. 15 year warranty, made from soybeans, never needs to be mowed or watered! Click to find out more about our artificial grass.

Can't grow grass?  Hate mowing? Want your very own putting green?  This isn't your grandfather's artificial grass! Modern innovation in textile technology makes the synthetic lawn of today a beautiful, viable replacement for real grass.  It looks and feels just like real turf, with added bonus of being cooler to the touch!  Made from recycled and organic materials it is completely safe for kids and pets!

Artificial turf; great for kids and pets and dad!

Bring some green into a small backyard

Our eco-friendly artificial turf has a number of great benefits

-The artificial grass and backing It is made from soybeans.  Reducing fossil fuel consumption by using recycled  and organic materials to create the plastics.

-Requires no watering during the drought periods in Ottawa, saving on your waterbill and preserving our most precious natural resource.

-The artificial turf has a patented heat blocking technology and is actually cooler to the touch than real grass.

-Synthetic grass helps environmentally conscious builders with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project certification. Artificial grass products can contribute LEED® points in regards to recycled materials, water efficiency, and design innovation.


-Synthetic lawns keep your pets from getting muddy out in the yard.

-Odour control technology and permeable drainage makes for simple cleanup when your pet makes a mess!  

-No ticks and fleas live in artificial turf, keeping the vet bill down.