Natural Gas Fire Pits - A Perfect Gathering Spot

Natural gas outdoor firepits are a fantastic way to extend the season of enjoyment with your outdoor living space!  Fire pits light up the night and provide warmth while you spend time with friends and family into autumn.   Natural gas fire pits generally fall under the same bylaws in Ottawa as BBQs and can be installed in most areas of the city.  Each fire pit is installed by a Licensed HVAC Technician and properly safety inspected throughout installation.  We have many different options for finishes, sizes and shapes of the fire pits including a standalone bowl or precast concrete box, matching bricks to the rest of the landscape for a built in fire pit look or even fire inside of a water feature!


Our built in fire pits can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We exclusively install Warming Trends Crossfire Burners in our built in natural gas fire pits.  These burners produce a taller, fuller, more orange (less blue) flame than any other burner on the market and come with a LIFETIME warranty!  We also offer attractive, modern wind screens to add an even more luxury touch.

And of course, everyone's favourite part is choosing the JEWELRY for the fire pits!  Multiple colours of lava rock, a rainbow of different sparkling glass and stone, Fire Spheres (pictured above) Faux Logs and many more.  The possibilities are endless to make each natural gas fire pit your very own!

Built-In Natural Gas Fire Pits starting from $5000 Installed